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Protein Color Protect Hair Color Cream

Protein Color Protect Hair Color Cream

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Experience the perfect blend of nature and technology with our Protein Color Protect Hair Color Cream. This premium hair dye is a game-changer - it guarantees radiant hair color without the rigorous bleaching process. It features a unique plant extract formula for a smooth and shiny result. With the richness of 5 major herbal essences – Sesame seeds, Ginseng root, Cacumen biotae, Gallnut, and Soapberry, your hair receives a refreshing and holistic treatment. The carefully selected elements from wild Taishan Polygonum multiflorum rejuvenate hair follicles, covering gray hair and changing hair color while ensuring your tresses stay healthy.


HEALTHY HAIR DYE - Allows you to achieve vibrant hair color without the need for harmful bleaching.

PLANT EXTRACT FORMULA - Enriches your hair, making it smooth, lustrous, and resilient with every application.

MAJOR HERBAL ESSENCES - Comprising Sesame seeds, Ginseng root, Cacumen biotae, Gallnut, and Soapberry to strengthen roots, balance water and oil, deeply nourish hair core, and improve frizz.

NATURAL INGREDIENT - Incorporates the goodness of carefully selected wild Taishan Polygonum multiflorum for the rejuvenation of hair follicles.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Perfect for covering gray hair, coloring hair, or changing the hair color completely.


Tips 1: No need to mix by hand, (wear gloves, earmuffs and shawl) tear open the bag, squeeze out all the material into the palm of your hand, then put it on your hair and rub it evenly.

Tips 2: Do not wash your hair before dyeing. When dyeing dry hair, apply the foam all over your head in the order of the temples, back of the head, and top of the head. (Apply more to areas with a lot of gray hair.


Product: Protein Color Protect Hair Color Cream

Requirements: No Bleaching

Formula: Plant Extract

Herbal Essences: Sesame seeds, Ginseng root, Cacumen biotae, Gallnut, Soapberry

Key Ingredient: Taishan wild Polygonum multiflorum

Usage: Covering gray hair, Advancing hair coloring, Hair color change

Color: Black,Chestnut Brown,Dark Brown


1*Protein Color Protect Hair Color Cream


For the best results, use as directed. This product is suitable for all hair types and textures. However, always perform a patch test beforehand to ensure no allergic reactions. Seek professional assistance if you have a history of skin or scalp sensitivity. Enjoy your beautiful and healthy new hair color!

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Protein Color Protect Hair Color Cream