Experiences of customers who have bought our products:

Non-irritating scalp

This hair color is fantastic! It contains no harsh chemicals and works. I followed the exact instructions, I have some gray hair and to my surprise it covered the white and made my hair look natural. And my hair looks healthy, I highly recommend this product.


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Amazing Colors

The shampoo smells like natural plant fragrances. The operation is particularly simple, I was the first time to easily color my own hair is also very simple, I like the result. The color was better than expected and I got many compliments from people around me, this red color is really beautiful!


Colorful Plant Hair Dye, With Innovative Comb Applicator 🔥Limited Time Offer🔥
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Great Budget Haircare

This is a deep conditioner, so if your hair is a little frizzy, take the plunge. My hair is horribly frizzy and I apply about 2-3 inches of conditioner from roots to ends, focusing on the ends. It's thick and nourishing, like a hair mask in a conditioner. Highly recommended and have been using it for years. It totally calmed my frizz, it's heavy so if you apply it too close to the roots you'll notice a lack of volume in your hair. This conditioner leaves my hair shiny and strong. There must be !!!!


Hair Smoothing Leave-in Conditioner
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Quick and easy

This mini straightener was my first attempt at curling my hair, I just needed to tame the split ends and add some curls here and there to shape the body and improve the flatness. It's easy to accomplish with my medium length hair. It seems that for longer hair it will tame those split ends and straighten or add curls as ends. It was so perfect I tried it for my sister as well


Mini Dual-purpose Curling Iron
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