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Powerful Paint Remover

Powerful Paint Remover

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Are you struggling with these problems?

  • Old Metal Equipment With Peeling Paint, Affecting Its Appearance
  • Or Furniture With The Wrong Paint.
  • Hours Of Painstaking Scraping And Sanding

Use our powerful paint remover to restore them to their original beauty!

  • Quick And Thorough Paint Removal 
  • Effortlessly Tackling Stubborn Paint
  • Swiftly Restore The Natural Beauty Of Your Belongings


POWERFUL PENETRATION - It can reach and work on multiple layers of paint, even those stubborn paint that have been applied over a long period of time. With strong penetration, less physical effort is required during the paint removal process.

QUICK AND COMPLETE REMOVAL - It will quickly dissolve and lift the entire layer of paint. The process leaves minimal or no paint residue on the surface, resulting in a clean and smooth finish.

SAFE AND NON-TOXIC - Our newly upgraded eco-friendly and water-based formula is free from formaldehyde and unpleasant odors. It is exceptionally gentle and will not cause any harm to the original surface of objects.

RESTORES SURFACES - Beyond paint removal, our remover can help restore surfaces to their original beauty, preparing them for refinishing or repainting.

WORKS ON VARIOUS SURFACES AND PAINT - This product is versatile and can be used on a variety of materials like metal, ceramic tiles, cement surfaces, glass, and wooden furniture. It's effective on different paint types including oil-based, resin, enamel, and acrylic paints.


Step 1: Apply the paint remover directly to the surface you want to remove paint from.

Step 2: Wait for 2-5 minutes until the paint softens, bubbles, and then peels off. Wipe away the softened, bubbled paint.

Step 3: Make a few scratches on the painted surface with a sharp tool before applying the paint remover. This can speed up the paint removal process.


Net volume: 100ml

Shelf life: 2 years

Main ingredients: Isopropanol, Sodium Sulfate, Organic Acid

Usage: Suitable for paint removal on steel panels, security doors, hardware, and other surfaces


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Powerful Paint Remover