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Plant Extract Hair Dye Lotion

Plant Extract Hair Dye Lotion

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Tired of dealing with frizzy, dry hair after dyeing? Our innovative formula not only colors but also reshapes your hair's core structure, smoothing frizz and improving texture and resilience.Say hello to silky, smooth locks that last with every application.


GENTLE FORMULA: Infused with a blend of natural plant extracts, this hair dye lotion provides vibrant color while nourishing your hair, making it ideal for sensitive scalps and damaged hair.

LONG-LASTING COLOR:The formula ensures deep penetration of the color pigments, resulting in rich and even color that lasts for weeks.

HAIR STRENGTHENING: Enriched with conditioning agents, this dye not only colors your hair but also strengthens it from within.

EASY APPLICATION: Our hair dye lotion makes coloring as simple as shampooing. The rich foam texture ensures even application for a uniform color result.


Net Content:500ml (half box for short hair, one box for medium length hair, 2 boxes for long hair)

Main Ingredients:Plant extracts


1 * Plant Extract Hair Dye Cream


Colors may vary due to different monitors.

Perform a patch test before full application.

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Plant Extract Hair Dye Lotion