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Hair Smoothing Leave-in Conditioner

Hair Smoothing Leave-in Conditioner

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It Turns Out That Barber Shops Use This To Treat Customers!

Transform Your Dry, Frizzy Hair To Silky Soft In 5 Secs! Restore The Shine Of The Hair, Soft And Gentle Smooth, A Must-have Hair Care Magic!

😍89.9%of ladies choose to buy 2 or more, for daily use!😍


  • Instant hair repair

The repairing power originates from nature. The advanced technology extracts the effect of soft and fluffy hair.

  • Release the anti-oxidation power of hair

A supercritical fluid extraction process is adopted to make its plant extract essence release higher anti-damage power than similar essence,helps fill in worn, brittle hair and damaged areas along the cuticle, smoothing out dry frizz and reducing breakage.

  • Only takes 5 seconds be completely absorbed

No more fear that nutrients will be washed away. Hair blows directly. The hair does not stick after blow-drying. Comb to the end. Smooth and fresh.

  • Comb hair without effort

Softens dry hair and avoids tangles Leaves your hair smooth and silky with a single brush.

  • Restores hair elasticity

Make every strand of hair more elastic and replenish all the lost proteins back to your hair.Deeply nourish hair, repair hair vitality and luster.

  • Long-Lasting Protection
Provides extra moisture that shields strands from the effects of blow-drying, flat ironing, sun damage, or chemical treatments. Perfect for everyday use on all hair types.


    • Apply a generous amount of Magic Hair Care to wet or dry hair.
    • Leave it on for a minute to allow ingredients deeply saturate your tresses.
    • Use it daily for the best results.


    • Volume: 100ml


    • 1/2/3 * A Touch of Magic Hair Care
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      Hair Smoothing Leave-in Conditioner