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Internal Bearing Disassembly Puller Tool

Internal Bearing Disassembly Puller Tool

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QUICK DISASSEMBLY: Easily select the appropriate collet size, lock it onto the inner race of the bearing, and tighten the jack nut for swift removal without hassle.

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Built with drop-forged construction and heat-treated steel for maximum strength and durability, capable of handling tough disassembly tasks.

SPECIALTY STORAGE BOX: Each component is contained in a heavy-duty plastic carrying case with a handle for safe storage and quick organization. with precision sized slots for each component, It keeps your gear organized while extending the life of your tools.

WIDE APPLICATION: This internal bearing puller set contains six different dimensions and specifications of collets, can remove a variety of different shapes, different sizes of bearings.



Material: carbon steel



Package includes: 1 *  Internal Bearing Disassembly Puller Tool


Clean and lubricate the tool after each use to prolong its lifespan

Select the appropriate collet size and ensure proper alignment for effective work


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Internal Bearing Disassembly Puller Tool